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August Journal


The Midwest

The month of August seemed to fly by, culminating with a week-long family vacation to the Midwest. This trip was significant in that we had planned to do a similar vacation back in 2009, but, with the loss of my grandmother that year, we decided to postpone. So, almost a decade later, we booked a flight to Denver and began our road trip to South Dakota. The highlights of the trip were definitely the national parks and wildlife. We toured a wild horse sanctuary and explored underground caves, visited prairie dog towns and hiked the Badlands, drove winding roads through rock tunnels, and stood at the foot of Mount Rushmore. We passed through a few interesting towns and cities as well, including Custer, Deadwood, Rapid City, and Boulder, with lots of driving in between. One of the things that really left an impression with me was how big the sky felt. You could see for miles and miles in every direction and the sky felt like an enormous tent of brilliant blue with clouds spanning as far as the eye could see. It's difficult to put into words that moment when you simultaneously feel so small and yet so inspired to do something significant.

Rapid City

Some of my favorite meals on our trip were in Rapid City. We had dinner at Firehouse Brewing Company, South Dakota's oldest operating brewery, set in a renovated firehouse. The food and drinks were delicious (order the hard cider and the 'Fire Caps' stuffed mushrooms) and the walls were lined with amazing patches from all over the country. For lunch we went to Tally's Silver Spoon, which had the most incredible pasta carbonara. 


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