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Ocean City

This month's major highlight for me was visiting Ocean City to photograph Nauti Donuts and launch their new website! It was a lot of fun learning how the donuts were made and tasting the different flavors. And now that I've tried them, I can honestly say that Nauti Donuts has the best donuts, even better than Federal Donuts (I KNOW, but I stand by it). They're all delicious, but I loved "Seagulls' Favorite" the most... it has chocolate icing, graham cracker crumbs, and marshmallow drizzle, basically a s'more in donut form. 

Continuing our weekend of really healthy eating, we all went to Cafe 2825 for dinner and ordered the Cacio e Pepe in the Cheese Wheel table-side experience. They heat the inside of a pecorino cheese wheel with a torch and then toss fresh pasta in it and top it with truffles (the best!). Dinner was lovely and it was so nice to catch up with Chris and Gabby and hear how the new business is doing. 


I realize this month's recap is basically becoming a food diary (sorry not sorry), but I would be remiss if I didn't mention Pizzadelphia! TJ and I went with some friends to the inaugural pizza festival at the Navy Yard, which was essentially all-you-can-eat slices from 15 or so local pizzerias. I had never seen so many portable brick ovens in my life! A few notable favorites were the margarita pizza from Vetri, the carbonara pizza from Rione, and "The Colleen" from Urban Village Brewing. We capped out around 8 slices (a.k.a. carb coma overload), but we did manage to find room in our stomachs for gelato before heading home.


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