Rebecca Mah




I am a fan of everything Joanna and Chip Gaines do. I first discovered their show Fixer Upper, then their blog and magazine. (And now rumors about their own TV network?!) As TJ and I discuss buying a home more in earnest, I find myself coming back to these homes for inspiration and motivation. I even preordered their book Homebody, which delivered this week. The book begins by giving an overview of different design styles. Based on the images I’m most drawn to, I’ve found that my style is mainly traditional with hints of farmhouse, rustic, and modern. I would love a house with neutral palette warmed up with natural wood, linens, ceramics, greenery, and pops of color in the accessories. I think what makes their designs so successful is that they often are hybrids of different styles — it feels more natural and lived-in, less like a showhome.

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