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Goals for 2019


It’s the first week of 2019, and I’ve seen a lot of posts online hating on resolutions. But I think those people are missing the point. Sure, it may seem a little funny that the simple flip of a calendar can incite dramatic change, but what’s wrong with setting goals and challenging yourself? One problem is that many people view resolutions as a pass/fail objective. If someone resolves to work out regularly and misses a few sessions or if someone resolves to eat healthy and has a few cheat days, it’s viewed as failure…. but it’s not! It’s about growth and progress towards something positive. Plus, who says resolutions can’t be fun?! I’ve shared some of mine in the hopes that it may inspire others to think about resolutions a little differently.

1. Reduce our trash footprint.

This resolution is very important to me. Reading about China’s garbage ban and the plastic problem in our oceans was a major wake up call for me last year. Although I’d say that our household is pretty good at recycling, I want to put more priority on the other two R’s — reducing and reusing. This year I want to be more mindful of what we really need when shopping, as well as more mindful of what we throw away.

2. Support ethical/sustainable businesses

This is somewhat of a Part 2 to my first resolution. For purchases that we do need to make, I’d like to make more of an effort to support companies that follow sustainable practices. I’m hoping that with some research, I can gradually make smarter purchases and discover some great, ethical businesses over the course of this year.

3. Make pasta from scratch

I love pasta. I’ll eat it in pretty much any form, but you can’t beat fresh, homemade pasta. My parents gave me a pasta maker for Christmas and I am dying to try it out.

4. Read a new book every month

This is actually a continuation of a resolution from last year, but I enjoyed it so much I figured I’d keep it up. It’s a great way to pass time commuting on the train, and I can often find any book I’m looking for at our local library. If your resolution is to read more too and you’re looking for recommendations, I include my favorite reads in every monthly journal!

5. Buy a house!

TJ and I both feel that we’ve reached the point where we’re tired of renting and want to have a place to call our own. Buying a house is a big step and a bit intimidating, so I spent a great deal of 2018 researching the process and learning home-buying terms. Now that we feel more prepared, we’re hoping to find a house that we love and move in sometime this year.

6. Work out twice a week

I’m not great at working out consistently, but I’m hoping to change that this year. My main goal in going to the gym regularly this year is to build up my overall endurance. I’d like to be able to go on long hikes or bike rides and not worry about having enough energy to finish the workout. I’ve already started going to spin classes with TJ on Saturday mornings and I really enjoy it!

7. Start a new passion project

Of all aspects of design, identity work is my favorite. I really enjoy the challenge of trying to capture the essence of a business through a well-designed mark. This year, my goal is to create a new logo each month for fictional companies in industries I don’t typically design for. The driving concept behind this project is quite similar to that of our weekly lettering project (which is quickly nearing its final weeks!) — if given the freedom to design anything, what certain design styles and commonalities would arise?

8. Eat more salad

‘Nuff said.

9. Take more weekend trips

Philadelphia is great because it’s within driving distance of so many great places. Last year, I’m pretty sure we went on just one weekend trip and that was to NYC for my birthday. Here’s hoping we can plan a few more trips this year.

10. Learn a new skill

I would really love to learn a new creative skill that gets me away from a computer, because I spend so much of my day staring at screens. My movement at work mainly consists of typing on a keyboard and moving my mouse, so I find it refreshing and therapeutic to create something with my hands. A few possibilities that have been of interest to me are embroidery, calligraphy, and marbling paper.

11. Visit Banff National Park

Banff National Park has been on our bucket list for quite awhile now, and we’re hoping to make it happen this year! Ever since we took a road trip to Acadia National Park a few years ago, we’ve tried to incorporate outdoor activities into our annual vacations. The rewarding feeling of looking out over a spectacular vista after a long hike is difficult to put into words. (Also why I need to start getting my endurance up!) Banff looks like a truly beautiful place.

12. Dedicate at least one day a month to spontaneity

This goal may honestly be the most difficult for me, because I’m a such a planner by nature. A prime example is when we dine out at a new place. We check the menu and reviews (maybe even look them up on Instagram to how the food and space looks), and then arrive with high expectations, often leaving disappointed. But lately it sounds much more appealing to pick a place at random. Maybe I won’t recognize anything on the menu, but maybe I’ll discover a new food that I love. Maybe we’ll discover a new favorite place, or maybe it will be a disaster that will become a funny anecdote. With spontaneity, there are no plans or expectations, but there is joy and an excitement for the unknown. After all, when has anyone done something spontaneous with the intent of being miserable? Here’s to more adventure and joy in 2019.

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